How we work with you

How we work with you

Our approach is both well structured and collaborative. We work with you, your insurance broker, your insurance carrier, and your financial advisors to recover the most money possible.

Here are the steps involved in each of our audits.

1 Assessment

When we first meet, we discuss why you probably are paying more than you should be. Some likely reasons:

  • You may have a dispute regarding a classification code but do not know where to start or have been unsuccessful in your dispute.
  • You are unsure whether all your payroll (remuneration) has been included in your calculation.
  • You may have just received a big rate increase or change for a classification code you had been using for many years and don't know why.

2 Analysis

We obtain various documents either directly from you, your staff, or your insurance broker or carrier.

Expert Cost Recovery

Among the types of documents that help us find your potential savings:

  • Last five years' Loss Runs
  • Insurance policy declarations
  • Results of previous Workers' Compensation premium audits
  • Rating worksheets that show how your experience modifier was calculated.

Then our experts go right to work. We require only a quick onsite visit, particularly when classification code changes are involved. Then we work offsite so that we do not disrupt your operations.

3 Savings Report

We provide you with a Summary Report of your potential savings, as well as all supporting documentation. Then we then work with whomever you designate to get the refunds or credits you are due. We never touch your money! You pay us only after you receive either a credit or check back from your insurance carrier.

4 Optimization

If you wish, we can arrange for ongoing auditing. That way, we can ensure that you continue to save money and no longer have to worry about overpaying in the future.