Frequently Asked Questions

QI’ve owned my business for years. How come I’ve never heard of workers' compensation premium cost recovery services?

AMost business owners either don’t know about cost recovery or don’t typically think about unexplored money-saving opportunities that exist. They’re too busy running their companies to learn about and address these complex matters.

Expert Cost Recovery

QWhy should I consider hiring you?

AWe can help you if you’re a business owner who has nagging worries that your workers' compensation premiums may be higher than they should be. Or someone who worries that no one is looking for future workers' comp cost-reduction and savings opportunities.

When you think about it, it’s not your vendors’ or your employees’ money that’s at stake. It’s yours.

Our incentives are totally aligned with your goals. We don’t get paid until you save money.

QShouldn’t my staff be knowledgeable about these matters?

AOften, perfectly capable and highly valued employees simply don’t possess specific expertise in workers' compensation. Nor do they have the ability to identify where overpayments may occur. The fact is, workers' comp is complex. It involves people, medical bills, time off from work, regulations, and sometimes fraud and litigation. You need experts who understand this insurance.

Another factor is that most employees don’t have any incentive to go looking for more work to do, especially work that requires learning and developing a new skill set.

QI’m happy with my insurance broker and carrier and don’t want to jeopardize relationships with them. Won’t working with you make them feel that I don’t trust or value them?

AWe do not compete with your trusted advisors. We support them.

Working with Expert Cost Recovery doesn’t mean that your advisors and service providers haven’t done their jobs, or haven’t done them correctly. Ours is a highly specialized collection of services that most of them simply don’t have the training or time to handle.

It’s not all that different from a physician trusting specialists to treat patients who have specific and possibly complex conditions. The specialists have more in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with more complicated conditions.

QHow long does an audit usually take?

AWe always aim for the quickest possible turnaround, starting with an initial onsite visit that takes only an hour or so. Then, the length of time the audit takes depends almost entirely on how quickly we can get claims information from the carrier or broker.

If we receive the information right away, the audit--including data analysis and presentation of your savings report--can take as little as several weeks.