About us

Why Expert Cost Recovery stands apart

We don’t do taxes.

We're not interested in developing a tax practice. And unlike many business advisors, we don’t want to take a long-range and/or superficial look at every aspect of your business.

We are here to determine whether your workers' compensation insurance has been costing you more money than it should have been, to recover money that is owed to you, and to assist you with maximizing any savings that are possible in the future.

We are focused strictly on saving you money on workers' compensation.

We’re in business solely to help you achieve dollars-and-cents results—in some cases, in as few as several weeks.

Then, if you wish, we help you discover cost-reduction strategies--some of which cost little or no money. Our job is to assure you that costs are being controlled, so that you can focus on running and growing your business and improving your cash flow.

We’re independent.

We’re not “Yes” people who have a vested interest in telling you what we think you want to hear. Consequently, we can be totally honest with you about what we believe is, and isn’t, in your best interests. We also will never recommend an adjustment that could potentially increase your premium.

We’re not looking to replace your current providers—or if you’re an accountant or broker, to replace you!

On the contrary. We’re happy to work with your accountants—or with you—to help turn our audits into your—or your clients’—savings.

We don’t limit our activities to serving only large companies.

We concentrate on workers' compensation--an area in which most businesses have opportunities to recover money and/or save in the future.

We take our reputation very seriously.

We’re very much aware that some cost recovery services use their audits and promises of eventual cost savings to try to steer you to favored providers so they can receive commissions.

We don’t do that. We won’t do that. Ever.

Our strategic partners are exceptional.

They have many years of experience in auditing worker' compensation--namely, classification code adjustments, experience rating modifier reiews, claims reviews, payroll audit and finding credits and discounts. Together, they have saved countless millions of dollars for businesses of all types.

They also value their stellar reputations.